Custom Sign FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order?

Please fill out a form on the custom sign inquiry page to start the conversation about your custom sign. Please know that I do get many inquiries and it may take some time to respond.

Every sign is different and I want to have a conversation to make sure we're on the same page before working together! This is why I do not simply have listings to purchase as-is.


How long does it take to receive a sign?

My current turnaround time is 10-12 weeks on average. This is the time from the final design and purchase until it is ready to ship. Holidays may effect this time frame.

I need a sign ASAP, can you do a rush order?

I cannot currently do a rush order. Custom signs require plenty of time to design, cut, sand, prime, paint and glue. This is not something I can rush through to give you the result we'd both be happy with.

I also cannot guarantee a date for delivery with the postal provider. Once an item ships, it is out of my control if they have any delays.

Where can you ship to?

As of April 2024 I am opening up international orders.

The shipping costs are generally $200+ but will vary based on item size, weight, and destination. Buyer is responsible for any tax and duty fees.

A quote for these will be available at the checkout for your sign.

Is shipping included in my quote?

Shipping will be provided to you separate from the sign quote itself. Shipping is typically $30-$50 (USA) but will depend purely on your location and size of your sign. I do not control shipping rates and they may inflate around the holidays.

I want a completely custom sign

Great! I'd be happy to discuss a custom design (meaning any design that you do not see a photo that I have done before - if it is a mixture of two sign elements that would not be a custom design)

In order to do this you will be required to purchase a custom design deposit of $75. This allows me to have your design created and provided to you. The deposit is non-refundable but will be subtracted from your overall quote if you decide to move forward. Custom signs start at $500 but will depend on final design, size and materials used.

Why do you ask for my budget?

I have set prices for each sign, however, knowing your budget will help me suggest other options, material upgrade, accents, etc. Knowing your budget does not allow me to inflate my prices, it just allows me to know we're on the same page and how we can get there if we're not.

Can I call you to discuss?

I have a very, very busy schedule between being a mother to 3 little ones as well as a handmade business owner. Email is the only way to contact me currently. I need to be able to reference back to the conversations and ensure I can give it my attention when I am available.

I sent you a message on Instagram/Tik Tok

Please fill out the form on the custom sign inquiry page. I cannot keep up with messages accross multiple social platforms. I will get to each inquiry in the order they're received.

How much do signs cost?

I don't generally list pricing for each sign because when we customize pieces it changes the price.

The sign minimum is $400 with exception of the engraved floral round (as 23").

Generally, rectangular floral/detailed signs will start at $1,000.

Can I use my sign outdoors?

I do not create outdoor signs. Unfortunately, it's not something I can put my name on.

While I use high-end materials, change in temperature can cause adhesives/glue to fail, wood to swell, and can cause paint issues.

All of my signs are for interior use only.